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Today’s Results, Tomorrow’s Productivity

The achievement of Michigan's public universities is a critical factor as we look to participate in the knowledge economy of tomorrow. A well-educated, skilled talent base will help our state develop and attract new business opportunities. Universities also drive research and development, bring thousands of new faces into our state, and build lasting partnerships that advance our communities. 

These goals matter to all of us, and so does the performance of Michigan's higher education system. This website offers an overview of Michigan's higher education achievement nationally, and shows how our universities are acting as incubators of future economic growth and change.


The Path Forward

At Business Leaders for Michigan, we believe that we have it within our power to create a “Top Ten” higher education system that serves our children well and pays great dividends long-term for our state based on quality outcomes, productivity, and affordability. What we need is a clear path forward.

Michigan’s public universities are recognized nationally and internationally for their educational excellence and research capabilities, but the R&D activity they generate—which is significant—could be translated into far more commercial impact and startup activities.

If we properly leverage Michigan’s higher education system, we can:

  • Make Michigan a top higher education center, producing critical skills talent that will help drive development of the local economy
  • Increase out-of-state enrollment at Michigan’s 15 universities to top quintile of peer groups
  • Increase industry sponsored R&D to national average to drive the direct economic impact of innovation
  • Become a hub for federal research and drive innovation on a national scale


Help Michigan Become A Top Ten State

Learn how higher education can help Michigan become a Top Ten state for jobs, incomes and a healthy economy.

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